best day ever

hi!! I’d like to just start this blog by announcing that my little brother Benjam Papp has just become the new Finnish Junior mens champion! so proud of my little munchkin he needs to stop growing up so fast.

So…I could not let myself not blog about the best experience ever. If you know me well and know that some of my daily hobbies include napping and eating, then it’s no surprise when I tell you that I have an obsession to sloths. Yes, the very unattractive lazy animal that pretty much only exists to sleep…..umm where do I sign up???


LOOK AT HIM!!..Or sorry, *her* her name was Olivia and I fell in love at first sight.


I might have cried just a little bit. They look very coarse and heavy but their fur is actually softer than I thought and they were not heavy at all. She barely moved the whole time, except to occasionally give me a tighter hug, and even now just writing about it I want to cry.


The only part that was slightly uncomfortable was their long nails that dug into my skin, but I’ll just consider it a gentle love scratch 🙂

The place we went to was called “Daniel Johnson’s Sloth Hang Out”. So if you ever find yourself in Roatan Honduras, I would highly recommend you to go check it out. The animals seemed very happy and it was nice to see that they were allowed to be in the nature freely instead of kept in cages the whole time.

They also had monkeys and parrots roaming around


She was almost as cute as the sloth.

I also surprised myself by being brave enough to hold a bird. I think birds are creepy af and could poke my eye out any second. Like how weird are birds if you really think about it?!! Please tell me I’m not the only one who has this phobia??

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….eventually I managed to get over myself and kept both of my eyes so I’d call it a successful day?

I have a bunch more I want to write about but I don’t wanna make this a super duper long post so I’ll save it for next time!




so as i have limited wifi here, I’ve actually tried to explore the outdoors and go on as many adventures as possible! I’ve learned that even if I don’t check my phone every five minutes the world won’t end…who knew?

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My first adventure was in Roatan, honduras. I’ve become good friends with some of the dance cast and one of them is a very talented photographer ( go check him out!) so me and him decided to start a #tropicalaf series of photoshoots and had our first one in Roatan and it was amazing since I got to also really get off the ship and see the some sun for the first time since I started!


My second adventure, funny enough was also in Roatan! We got to go on a speed boat trip to the other side of the island and ate the most delicious thai food ever in the most gorgeous setting. Then with a full stomach we snorkelled for a little bit…others more than me because I am absolutely terrified of fish. They’re too weird and slimy and scary and I don’t need to explain myself to you stop judging me.

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it was gorgeous but the waves were humongous (is that a word?) and the speed boat ride ended up being more of a rollercoaster ride, but I would do it again anyday!

The day after that we were in costa maya! This port stole my heart and is still my favourite. We went to a crazy waterpark and got a thousand wedgies from slides and a couple bruises but it was completely worth it!

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After the waterpark we decided to relax a little and headed to a beach board walk for lunch and once again it was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen

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told you.

after that we arrived in Cozumel, which is tied for being my favourite place with costa maya. We rented a jeep (open top of course) and drove it all the way to the other side of the island away from the ship and went to a restaurant called coconuts. The food wasn’t the best but the drive and view more than made up for it.

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and of course the day wasn’t complete until we found a secluded beach and hung out there for a little bit

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my latest adventure was in grand cayman a couple days ago where we went to a beach called “7 mile beach” …fun fact its only around 5.5 miles long (thanks nick) regardless the 5.5 miles did not disappoint and we laid out in the sun and I’m starting to look mexican with the tan I’m developing for once! wooooooo.


I have also gotten off in Jamaica but they have the best wifi restaurant pool place so forgive me but I like to spend my day being very antisocial wifi addicted person there.

right now I am in Belize sitting at the cutest little restaurant by the ocean abusing their free wifi….

ok so my friend was looking over my shoulder as I wrote that sentence and I was informed that I am in fact NOT in Belize but in Roatan Honduras….if that doesn’t show you how much you lose sense of time and destination while working on a ship I don’t know what does.

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until next time!


Off shore

Hiiiiii long time no see!!

Once again I’ve started a new and exciting journey that involves me being away from home for months at a time!

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I’ve now been working for Royal Caribbean Cruise ships for a little over a month and I absolutely love it. Believe it or not I’m here because of figure skating. They have a small icer ink on the actual cruise ship itself! The ship I’m on is called Liberty of the seas and we have an ice cast of 10 skaters. five girls, five boys and one special act.

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Our ship goes to all these amazing sunny places like jamaica, cozumel, grand cayman just to name a few.

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you’re probably thinking how the f’ck is hanging out on a beach a paying job???! well let me tell ya. We perform two times a day twice a week, which makes four shows a week, on top of that we help the dancers backstage with their quick changes, as well as working the desk when there is skating for the guests! The best perk is, we never work when the ship is  in port, because all the guests are off the ship so we get to get off too and go explore!!

The show itself is absolutely ahmaaaazing. It’s called “encore” and I am the “rock n roll girl” which is super fun.

Right now I’m sitting at a poolside restaurant in Jamaica so I apologize for my choppy writing but I just wanted to update all of you that still check up on me!

I’m much better at updating my instagram @beatapapp so you can find more pictures on there:)

Hope you enjoyed my very short blog post for today I’ll keep updating my new adventures as they come

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New Hobby


you probably forgot about this blog and I can’t blame you cause clearly so did I..woopsie. so what have I been up to lately that’s made me so busy that I forget about my fantastic blog you may be asking yourselves??? I have found a new hobby in taking pretty pictures for instagram. You probably think I’m joking but I’m really not #doitfortheinstapost has been my life motto lately.

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Besides that I have been tanning and eating yummy food and just enjoying my summer after coming back from Finland.

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This hobby started off when my friend Janice (who’s a total babe btw check her out @janicejoostema) told me I should start a “theme” for my instagram. noooow what the heck does that mean?? Basically you colour coordinate every post so that every picture matches. As I’m writing this I realize how ridiculous it sounds but it is very addicting.


…see what I’m saying???

I’ve also been doing a couple photoshoots for fun and have come to realize that I am 100000 times more comfortable on the ice than I am in front of a camera. iPhone cameras I’m used to, but imagine having an actual sharp af camera up in your face seeing every single little pimple in detail?!! scary.

anywhoooo, you gotta step out of your comfort zone ammmirite?

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


I finally got a new laptop so let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will keep giving me motivation to blog!

until then, xo


You know those annoying people on instagram that tag their friends in every meme photo? ok well that’s me. I have gathered some memes here that are absolutely hilarious because I feel like whoever made them was in my head or is stalking me??



can I just nap instead…?


shoutout to all those drunk girls at club bathrooms^^^


I shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of my wallet…


why aren’t we taught how to do taxes in school?!!!


every. damn. time.



all day errrrday






dont gotta tell me twice


” I like to eat pizza after a long day of being at the gym….just kidding! I don’t go to the gym!”



Why do I think I’m a millionaire the second I enter sephora?!


“when you get all dressed up for the bar, and men think it’s ok to hit on you”



orrrr “sorry I was taking a nap!”


no such thing as too much


hahahaaaaa…so guilty




The question is, can YOU cook????


it’s only ok when I do it


…seriously…I could write a whole book on this topic. I’ll save it for later.




I know I’m not the only one who gets a kick out of these. Which one’s your favourite?

laaaater gaaaaator




Da helloo! I havent blogged about skating in a while which feels very very strange! So let me get to it. I’m currently in Vaasa, Finland coaching at the Vaasa skating club with my mom. I’m in charge of choreographing new programs for all the girls! I’ve managed to finish three programs so far, (we’ve been here for a week) and I have two almost done, and five waiting to start…..phew.


side note: I’ve been obsessively getting my nails done and right now they’re pissing me off like crazy cause they’re so long that I’m typing like a

d e g e n e r a t e .


I’m in looove with being a choreographer. I feel like my whole skating career and all the things I’ve learned, and all the wonderful choreographers I’ve worked with come together and work so perfectly in the moment that I have to come up with programs. Personally, my biggest inspiration has been Mark Pillay. Mark choreographed my programs for the last couple years that I skated and I loved every single program. For me its crucial to have a program where every movement has a purpose and goes hand in hand with the music. Mark’s programs are so easy to identify because every step and hand movements goes with the music. SO that’s what I try to accomplish when I’m the one making the programs! check out one of my favourite pieces by him here

I remember feeling like I did all the movements how he asked but still they weren’t good enough for him. I completely understand where he’s coming from now. When you’re on the other side of things, you see the potential of the skater maybe more than they do themselves. So I wanna thank Mark for never settling with “good enough” and pushing  me to always do better. thats what I’m trying to do now with my girls! Funny how life works.


The transition from being an athlete to becoming a coach has been so natural and everyday feels like I’m doing what I love. 

Seeing the smiling faces of the girls when they figure out the choreography is the best reward of all! 🙂



Watch out for Vaasa girls next season Finland 😉


ALSO, I’m super excited for next month,as I get to join the coaching team at iceDOME Finland! I’ll make sure to write a couple blogs from there as well 🙂





Ready, Set, No 

I completely skipped blogging about one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. I’m the type of person that loves to talk about all the exciting and scary things I want to try but then end up being a complete chicken when it comes down to it. So for my 21st birthday this past April my boyfriend surprises me by taking me bungee jumping. I literally had about an hour of time to freak the fuck out. Excuse my language. Meanwhile my boyfriend seemed very calm because he had days to calm himself down. Totally unfair. I’m used to being the one in our relationship that plans things. For Christmas I told my little sister what I wanted, knowing he would ask her for ideas hehe. Anyways back to me throwing myself off a cliff! So if you’re like me, and imagine the whole process of bungee jumping to be very thought out and well explained, you’re wrong. This is how it all went down. We got there, signed our life away, were put into a harness, and then escorted to the edge of the bridge. No instructions no safety lesson no technique tips nothing!!


I’m a figure skater so I’m used to having clear guidelines and technique whenever executing any sort of element. So for me, just being told to “jump off” is not a clear instruction at all. What do I do with my arms? Legs?? Jump up or away from the bridge??? Long story short I ended up looking like a screaming rag doll.


Scariest thing I’ve ever done, but I wanted to do it again the second they pulled me up.


Nope it did not hurt, yes it is completely worth it and yes I have the best boyfriend ever.


If you wanna be a dare devil (living in vancouver) and do this as well, go to